Why Should Writers Blog?

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Yes, I know. You've already got plenty on your plate, what with attempting to come up with an idea for a new book, trying to break into the greeting card industry--oh, and that client of yours is really bugging you about the copywriting errors in the article you wrote recently. So why take on the burden of blogging? Contrary to what many writers believe, blogging is not a burden. Actually, it can be quite beneficial--and here's why...

  • You build a fan-base. When your precious book comes out into the world and sales are flat, chances are, if you announce it on your blog, there are going to be a lot more people lining up to buy your book. Especially if your blog is interesting, keeps them hooked, and offers valuable information. By attracting people through your innovative, helpful, great blog posts, you're getting them to devote their time and energy to reading your blog and becoming a fan of your work. When you create a blog, as a writer, your fan-base does nothing but grow.
  • You build your brand. Using the power of association, your blog can be a very innovative tool for you to promote your other pieces of writing. If you're thinking about writing a series revolving around roughly the same topic, then a blog can be your ticket to establishing a beloved, well-respected brand. When you blog, and your blog posts are top-notch quality, then people start to trust you. They start to associate your name with wonderful, entertaining, informative content. And when your series' first book comes out, they buy. And if you keep your blog just as good and your writing is stellar, they buy some more. With a blog, you build your brand, building trust right along with it.
  • You build your writing. No, blogging is not a cheap way to type a few sentences and earn a fan-base. Yes, it actually improves your writing. When you blog, writer's block fades into the distance and looks on forlornly as you go on your merry way writing everyday, coming up with fresh ideas, using your brain, and applying that contagious writing energy to the article/book/greeting card/poem you're currently working on. You are constantly improving your writing through blogging.
  • You get to share your passion! Who says writers can't blog about writing? After all, How to Write (and Write Well) is run by yours truly, who happens to be none other than a writer. You might be the best writer on the block, but if you don't have a blog, there's no way to share your expertise and secrets with the world. And when you share those aforementioned secrets with the world, you not only building your brand and fan-base, you also build your writing while sharing your passion. Sound good? It is.
  • You earn some more money. Chances are, as a writer, you're not exactly rolling in the dough. An extra income would be nice--actually, it'd be wonderful. I admit that myself. If you stick to your blog and you're dedicated to making it the best it can be, you stand a steady chance of making a passive income through your blog.
  • You open yourself up to a whole new community. With all the writers that are blogging nowadays, you find yourself transported into a world that may seem unfamiliar at first but is so valuable later that you can't help but thank yourself for deciding to create a blog. Plenty of writers blog, and all those writers are willing to guest post for your blog, allow guest posts from you, and help you to get to know the writing business. Becoming part of the writers' and bloggers' community online is unbelievably advantageous.
  • You build your writing personality. True, you may have already developed a style/voice if you're an accomplished author or writer. But it's never too late to learn if you haven't, and if you have--well, there's always room for improvement. By blogging frequently, you learn to open up your mind and write like you speak--which in turn allows you to develop a voice that you can apply to your writing and make your own.
  • You get valuable feedback. Of course there are plenty of other ways for writers to receive feedback on their writing. But blogging is one of the easiest, allowing your readers to shoot off a quick comment explaining what they like and dislike about your posts/writing excerpts/articles/greeting cards/novels/whatever other piece of writing you may be working on. As a blogger, expect to receive plenty of comments that help you to improve.
So, there you have it. The eight clear, legit reasons why writers should blog. But what do you think? Why should writers blog? Do you blog as a writer? What topics does your blog cover? Do you have anything to add to the list? If you do, leave a comment! I'd love to hear from you.

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