5 Ways to Spark Your Passion for Writing Again

Sometimes, writing is so difficult, so tedious, that you're just about ready to give up on it. I hear you, readers--I've been on the receiving end of this predicament several times. Why write anymore? When your words are starting to blend into mushy sentences and you find yourself pushing your writing away, sparking your passion for writing becomes something important. Here's how:

Step out of your comfort zone.

It's truly not an earth-shattering, ground-breaking, captivating revelation. But truth be told, it works. And it's worked for several writers, people who thought they were comfortable writing what they were writing but were really getting bored. Step out of your comfort zone. Try a new market. Step into the ginormous world of writing a second time around, a newbie again, and choose a different market.

But what about your income? Your steady flow of money? Your established reputation as a writer for that market? Sure, these are important. And they're most definitely milestones for many professional, reputable authors. But if the passion isn't there, you won't have any of those things for much longer. Writing is a career which is pursed by passionate people--you have to be passionate about your writing for it to sell. And if that spark is long gone...well, it might be time to move on.

So, if you're ready to take the plunge and try a different market, here's a list of certain markets you might be interested in:

  • Writing greeting cards! If you've got a knack for short, snappy lines or slightly longer sentimental poetry, you may be the perfect candidate for this option. To get started, I recommend becoming a member of the Greeting Card Association. Then, search up 'make money writing greeting cards' on Google, and you'll quickly get a list of companies you can send a few of your ideas to. As any other writing market, it takes a lot of practice and devotion--but it's known as the most 'do-able' genre in the world of writing. It's quick, makes money fast, and you truly get to showcase your talents.
  • Blogging for money. Does writing a blog sound like cheating? It definitely isn't. Blogging is improving your writing with every post you write. But be warned: for those of you writers who aren't satisfied with anything for too long and are always craving a new writing task, this is definitely not the venue for you. No, blogging takes patience, hard work, dedication, and many, many months. Plus lots of cups of coffee. (I know from experience, as you can tell if you're reading today.)
  • Writing articles and selling them on sites such as Constant Content. This isn't the quickest, easiest way to make money writing. And you don't earn too much profit, that's for sure. But if you just want to step out of your comfort zone and indulge yourself a bit, this is the route to go. Writing quality, error-free, informative five hundred to one thousand word articles for a decent price, at around thirty dollars each or so, is guaranteed to pull in some revenue and find satisfaction in your work. Try getting started by creating an account on websites such as Constant Content, Hubpages, Suite 101, Daily Article, and more. (I recommend Constant Content! If you've got patience, it pulls in a lot more money than other sites.)
  • Writing (gasp!) genre novels. Did you ever think the words 'genre novels' would never taint your tongue--or, in your case, your reputation as a writer? Sure. Lots of writers don't want to be considered sappy romance writers, or living-on-the-edge, risk-taking thriller writers--but it's worth whatever reputation you develop. With every book you write, there are lots and lots of green pieces of paper to be earned. And if you dedicate lots of time to perfect your craft, you'll be earning plenty in no time.
  • Guest blogging for money. This could also fit in the blogging category, as, at its essence, it really is blogging. But there's a distinct difference between hosting your own blog and guest blogging on someone else's well-developed, reputable, sturdily-established blog. You may not get too much financial compensation at first, but the harder you work, the more money you earn. And the more informative, funny, and engaging you are, the more clients you'll get. I recommend creating an account on My Blog Guest, one of the best ways to find blogs looking for guest authors. Make sure you try Googling 'blogging jobs.' That search term pulls up a lot of results, most of which will help you earn money.
  • Writing for a newspaper! Yeah, I know this might be stretching it for most of the writers out there who are perfectly content with the money and reputation they have currently. But writing for a newspaper is no small task--you could get a job blogging on their website, or running around town digging up interesting stories. You never know! And if you've got a charismatic personality and a certain charm with people, you could end up becoming a solid reporter. (Plus, this category includes writing for magazines, ezines, newsletters, etc.)
So, there you have it, readers. 5 bonafide, satisfying ways to spark your passion for writing again if you're not really in the mood to write anymore. Now, what did you think about this blog post? What venues do you suggest for burned-out authors? Have you ever been one of these authors yourself? How'd you deal with your urge to give up? What's your take on this topic? Leave a comment! (Psst--do you think any of your Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, blog, and Google + followers would be interested in this topic? Spread the love, please!)


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