8 Websites for Freelance Article Writers

As any reasonably experienced freelance writer knows, finding sites that pay well and allow you to write (mostly) on the topic of your choice is hard. Throw in complications such as creating a Chitika account, not knowing the first thing about Adsense, and having to work extra hard to attract traffic to your articles, and you get a mess that produces confusion instead of revenue.

Most freelance article writers are turning to sites like Constant Content, where you get paid per article by a specific person--and there's nothing wrong with that. But writing articles for article bases or article directories is a market that provides stability and a decent revenue once you get your foot in the door. These eight websites help you earn money through ad revenue and referrals as a freelance article writer:

1) Bukisa
2) Seekyt
3) Snipsly
4) Hubpages
5) Info Barrel
6) Squidoo
8) Ezine Articles

Most of these are profitable for freelance writers through ad revenue and referrals. Seekyt authors generally produce more revenue, while Hubpages is more convenient for article writers, and Squidoo has a well-designed layout to boost revenue. Evaluate each website carefully and choose a few based on what matters the most to you--are you simply looking to build a platform? Or is your biggest goal writing for profit?

Throw convenience into the mix too. Which website works easier with your goal? If you're writing for profit, Ezine Articles may not be the smartest choice, whereas if you're writing to build links and a platform, Ezine's perfect. Consider what you're looking for in an article writing website and make your decisions from there.

What websites do you recommend for freelance article writers? Have you used any of the above, and if so, what was your opinion? Leave a comment, please!